How to get to Kroměříž?

Author: Petr Gremlica | Thursday 18.6.2015 Tips and Advices

The town is accessible by highway D1 or by train. River Morava flows through the town. The town also has a small sport aerodrome.

How to get to Kroměříž?

How to get to Kroměříž?

By car

  • Prague-Kroměříž - 299 km, 3 hours
  • Ostrava-Kroměříž, 110 km, 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Brno-Kroměříž - 67 km, 50 minutes
  • Olomouc-Kroměříž - 53 km, 50 minutes
  • Zlin-Kroměříž - 34 km, 30 minutes

Kroměříž is quite easily accessible from all directions and major cities thanks to the highway connection. (Intersection of highways R55 and D1 in proximity of the town).

If you choose to travel on Czech highways, note that you will need a highway vignette. The Vignettes are sold at all post offices, gas stations, border crossings, and other places that provide services to motorists.

Parking in the town center is possible only in designated places and is usually paid. For free parking, you need to go outside the center.

By bus

Kroměříž lies on highway D1 and has a big bus terminal. Some buses on the way from Brno also stop at a bus stop "Milíčovo Náměstí" at the town center.

By train

Even though the main train track from Přerov to Břeclav does not go through the town. Kroměříž is still quite easily accessible by train. From the direction of Přerov and Břeclav, with a transfer in Hulín. From dirction of Brno and Ostrava with transfer in Kojetín. Destination Kroměříž

Baggage room:

  • Monday - Friday 9 AM - 12:45 PM and 1:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Waiting room:

  • Monday - Friday 4:05 AM - 10 PM

Bike rental:

  • Monday - Friday 7:45 - 12:45 PM - 1:15 - 6 PM

By plane

Nearest airport

  • BRQ - Brno Airport (62 km)
  • OSR-Ostrava Airport (92 km)
  • BTS - Bratislava Airport (202 km)
  • VIE - Vienna Airport (248 km)
  • PRG - Prague Airport (299 km)

The closest airport with regular connections is located in Brno (approx. 60 km), the second closest is located in Ostrava. Kroměříž has also a small sport aerodrome with a grassy airstrip where a local air club offers scenic flights for tourists.