A tip for a bike trip - refreshing swim in the Kurovice quarry

Monday 17.8.2015 | Author: Petr Gremlica Tips for Trips

In the hot summer days, one needs to escape the blaze of the city, freshen up, and unwind. All this is possible to do in the Kurovice quarry, where you can take a dip in crystal-clear water surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Kroměříž in Art

Friday 14.8.2015 | Author: Petr Gremlica a Ondřej Polišenský Tips for Trips

Imagine museums and galleries with collections of an incalculable value. Imagine the atmosphere of a baroque town with vast splendid gardens and a unique architecture. Imagine concerts, exhibitions, parades, theater plays... All this is to be found in Kroměříž.

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How to get to Kroměříž?

Thursday 18.6.2015 | Author: Petr Gremlica Tips and Advices

The town is accessible by highway D1 or by train. River Morava flows through the town. The town also has a small sport aerodrome.

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Happy Kromeriz - Pharrell Williams

Thursday 11.6.2015 | Author: iTVKromeriz From Kromeriz Videos

Kroměříž version of popular song Happy from Pharrel Williams. Be happy :)

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Webcams in Kroměříž

Friday 5.6.2015 | Author: Petr Gremlica From Kromeriz Tips and Advices

Here you can see the actual pictures or videos of Kroměříž - online, using Web cameras. Webcams will reveal the current forecast.

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