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In the center of the Flower Garden, there is an octagonal rotunda with interior that is richly decorated with frescoes and stucco.


A unique pendulum demonstrates the Earth's rotation. It is to be found inside the rotunda in the Flower Garden. The machine is a copy of a pendulum that was hanged to the copula of Pantheon in Paris by the famous physician Jean Bernard Léon Foucault in 1852.

The Kroměříž pendulum was purchased upon an initiative of a local grammar school professor, physicist and astronomer, František Nábělek, at the 60th anniversary of reign of Franz Joseph I in 1908. A 20-kilo ball with a prong is hung on a 22,35m high string. Whilst swinging, the prong records its track to a sandy top of a table made of stone. After one hour of swinging, the tracks in the sand can show that the Earth has turned by 15 degrees.

Come to admire functioning Foucoult's pendulum which is one of the only four of this kind in the world.

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