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The Chateau Garden

The Chateau Garden

The Chateau Garden of Kroměříž was established in 1509. Throughout the centuries, the park gradually grew until it reached current 64 hectares.

The garden was originally intended for growing vegetables, fruit and flowers; but in 17th century it has been changed into a beautiful baroque park. The garden is architecturally interconnected with the chateau. In 19th century, the garden has been transformed into a romantic English park.

Today, the garden boasts with 200 species of trees from various parts of the world. A combination of the park rivulets and ponds, botanical composition of meadows and rare trees is underlined by romantic buildings (Pompeii Colonnade, Peacock Court, Fishermen's Pavilion, Colloredo's Colonnade), and statues (Archbishop Rudolf Jan's bust, Archbishop Sommerau-Beckh's bust).

The Chateau garden is organically interconnected with the town center. It is used for relaxation, rest, enjoying the beauty and leaving the rush of our days behind. Strolls through the park unveil different views of the town whilst the trees and meadows create a relaxed atmosphere.


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Opening hours

May - September

Monday - Sunday: 7.00 - 19:00

October - April

Monday - Sunday: 7.00 - 16:00

In rainy or windy weather closed